• 纪念拉本峡

    拉本盖普田径名人堂表彰前学生运动员, 教练, and others who have made a major impact on the success of athletics at Rabun Gap. 


    提名某人进入拉本峡体育名人堂, please use the form on this webpage or contact Director of 体育运动 Dale Earnhardt or Director of 校友 Courtney Ledford '08. 



  • Antuan Guzman, 22岁

    2022年入选名人堂, Antuan Guzman was a 4 time All-NCISAA soccer selection.  他是拉本峡谷足球传统的奠基人之一.  Antuan is also among the all-time leading goal scorers in Rabun Gap boys soccer history.  He is our first international alum inducted into our 体育名人堂 and our first soccer player.  
  • 伯帝镇始建这样

    2021年入选名人堂, Bodie was a Trustee from 2007-2015 and was instrumental in establishing the Rabun Gap football program.
  • 艾丽卡·威廉姆斯13岁

    2021年入选名人堂, Erika set school records in basketball and track during her four years at Rabun Gap (2010-2013).  She scored over 2700 points on the court and also won state championships for girls shot put three consecutive years.  Erica continued her education at Winthrop and had a wonderful 职业生涯 as a four-year starter.
  • Jan Bonner '69

    2022年入选名人堂, 简·布朗·邦纳几乎得了1分,500 points during her 职业生涯 for the Rabun Gap girls basketball team during the late 60’s.  她获得了西乔治亚学院的奖学金.  作为一名球员,简以她的勾手球而闻名.  It is safe to say that she is one of the top scorers in Rabun Gap girls basketball history.  她将在我们的名人堂中与她的父亲. 莫里斯布朗.
  • 韦恩·加勒特71年

    2019年入选名人堂, 韦恩从1957年到1961年打篮球,在球场上表现出色.
  • 玛丽·弗兰克·耶茨

    她于2019年入选名人堂. Yates served as a 中学 Math Teacher for 40 years and was known as the "voice of Rabun Gap" as scorekeeper and announcer at basketball games.
  • 盖尔·汉比·科尔曼(1972),篮球

    2011年入选名人堂, 1968-1972年,盖尔参加了篮球和网球,并在这两项运动中都表现出色.  在网球比赛中, Gail and her doubles partner won the region championship and went on to the state tournament in Macon.
  • 玛克辛·霍利菲尔德·罗杰斯(1948),篮球

    Inducted in 2011, Maxine played basketball from 1944-1948 and excelled at Rabun Gap.
  • Jean Kelly Lindstedt(1970),篮球

    2010年入选拉本峡谷名人堂, Jean played basketball from 1966-1970 and was famous for her deadly accurate two-handed set shot.  Jean was a standout player during one of the most successful periods of girls basketball in Rabun Gap history.  Jean led the 1970 team to a 15-7 record and a third place finish in the sub-region tournament.  琼在瓦尔多斯塔州立大学继续她的篮球生涯.
  • 山姆·凯利(1947),篮球

    2009年入选名人堂, Sam played basketball from 1944-1947 and started at guard for the 1947 boys basketball team that advanced to the state semifinals in Montezuma.  他的队友们都记得他是一个伟大的传球手和防守者.
  • Dennis Spruell(1962),篮球

    丹尼斯于2008年入选名人堂,从1958年到1962年打篮球.  他以1420分被认为是拉本盖普队历史上的头号得分手.  He was the last player to dunk in the old gym and the first person to dunk in the new gym.  丹尼斯继续在特鲁埃-麦康奈尔学院打篮球.
  • 乔·格里斯特(1947),篮球

    2008年入选名人堂, Joe played basketball from 1958-1962 and led the 1947 team to the state semifinals before losing 33-28 to Montezuma.  He played two seasons at ABAC before accepting a full scholarship to the University of Miami.
  • 奥斯卡·库克(1955-1971),篮球教练

    2008年入选名人堂, Coach Cook coached the boys and girls basketball teams before leaving coaching to become the principal at Rabun Gap Community School after the 1971 season.  From former players:  “…the greatest coach I ever played for;”  “He was tough but fair and always cared about us as individuals.”
  • 莫里斯·布朗(1937),篮球教练,1945-1954年

    2008年入选名人堂, 从1945年到1954年,布朗教练担任男子和女子篮球队的教练,并驾驶公共汽车.  他帮助带领1947年的男子队进入了州半决赛.  认识他的人说:“他是个聪明人。”“他是个伟人。.”
  • 唐·阿比特(1958-1993),网球和篮球教练

    2008年入选名人堂, Coach Arbitter brought tennis to Rabun Gap in the mid-60’s and led several outstanding teams.  他还当过篮球教练.  拉本峡网球场就是以他的名字命名的.  一位前球员说:“在奥巴马先生之前. Arbitter arrived, we didn’t know that there was another sport besides basketball.”
  • 杰克·阿克里(1938-1941),体育主管和教练

    2008年入选名人堂, Acree教练担任体育主管, 教务长, and coach from 1938 until he left in 1941 to serve his country as a CPO in the Navy during WWII.  他讨厌棒球,但迫于学生们的压力,他同意组建一支球队.
  • 1985年越野队

    The 1985年越野队 won the State Championship title and included:  Eric Willis ‘87, 斯蒂芬·阿比特,86年, 马特·休斯,86年, 杰弗里·艾夫斯86年, 克劳德·迪拉德,1986年, 比利·班克斯87年, 凯利·威尔逊,1988年. 教练马克·科尔曼 & 鲍勃班尼特. 埃里克·威利斯:“让我们团队与众不同的是我们的协同效应.
  • 布莱恩·沃尔默(2007),棒球,足球,游泳

    Brian Vollmer graduated from RGNS in 2007 and competed in swimming, soccer, and baseball. 全面发展的运动员, Brian was a four year starting forward on the soccer team and helped lead the team to two conference championships and four trips to the state playoffs.
  • 巴里·库克(1973),篮球,篮球教练

    Barry Cook graduated from Rabun Gap in 1973 and played varsity basketball for four years. Barry was a dynamic guard who teamed with fellow hall of famer Claude Rickman to lead the 1973 team to the state playoffs after finishing runner-up in the region.
  • Micah Seehorn(2005),《bet9九州体育下载》

    Micah attended Rabun Gap from 1998-2005 and participated in soccer, basketball and baseball. Micah was a four-year starter in soccer and was named to the all-conference soccer team following his senior season which also included the Rabun Gap soccer team’s first state playoff appearance in eight years.
  • 克劳德·里克曼(1973),篮球

    Claude attended Rabun Gap from 1969-1973 and his basketball 职业生涯 began in 8th grade.  He played on varsity from grades 9-12 and was always team oriented and a quick point guard.  1973年的球队在该地区排名第二,并获得了州季后赛的席位.
  • 比利·凯利(1955),篮球

    Bill is remembered by those who played basketball with him as one of the finest players 拉本盖普-纳库奇学校 ever produced.  Bill was also a terrific teammate and leader as the teams of the early 1950’s were some of the best in the region.
  • 芭芭拉·科普·帕斯莫尔(1962),篮球

    Played guard on the 1558-59 region championship team that traveled to Roswell for the state tournament. 被许多人认为是拉本峡谷最优秀的学生之一, 在球场上,她也是一个强有力的竞争者.


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